Here Are the 10 Top-Paying Jobs in Florida

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By Mivette Vega

September 19, 2023

About 30 jobs with the highest wages in the state earn over double the average salary, which was $55,980 in May 2022.

Many of the best-paying professions in Florida are related to the medical industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 30 jobs with the highest wages in the state earn over double the average salary, which was $55,980 in May 2022.

Cardiologists have the highest average annual wage within the state, making $428,810 per year. There are 1,220 cardiologists practicing in the state.

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In fact, the profession is also the best-paying job nationally, with a national average of $421,330.

In second place are emergency medical physicians, who have an average annual salary of $346,900.

Orthopedic surgeons (except pediatric), follow in third place with an average salary of $320,430.

In fourth place are radiologists with an average annual salary of $304,430. There are 940 Floridians working in this job.

Fifth place goes to anesthesiologists who earn an average annual wage of $299,980.

Neurologists occupy the sixth place with an annual salary of $274,750.

In seventh place is the first profession that has nothing to do with medicine. In this position, airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers earn an average annual salary of $270,720. According to the data, there are 6,550 professionals doing this work in the state.

About 2,420 general internal medicine physicians have an annual salary of $259,970, making them the eighth highest paid.

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Another profession not related to medicine is in the ninth position. These are chief executives who earn a salary of $256,980 annually. About 17,580 business people do this work in Florida.

In the tenth position are all other physicians, a career practiced by 23,170 Floridians, who earn $254,660 annually.


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