Florida rejects $320 million in federal funds to address emissions that drive climate change

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By Giselle Balido

December 19, 2023

In declining the money, the Secretary of Florida’s Department of Transportation echoed Gov. Ron DeSantis’ claim that climate change is a left-wing attempt to “politicize the weather.”


Florida state officials have declined $320 million of federal dollars to address infrastructure and tailpipe emissions. The funds stem from the Biden administration’s 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act aimed at overhauling the nation’s transport systems and addressing emissions that drive climate change.

In a letter to US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Florida’s Department of Transportation Jack Perdue explained that Florida’s rejection of the funds was due to “the continued politicization of our roadways,” as the funds are meant to address climate change, including a plan to reduce carbon output.

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Perdue’s words echo Gov. Ron DeSantis’ claim that climate change is a left-wing attempt to “politicize the weather.”

Florida was the only state to turn down the funds, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“This decision denies Florida residents significant financial benefits and cost-saving opportunities, impacting schools, municipal fleets and potentially saving hundreds of millions of residents’ dollars,” Ali DySard, senior policy specialist at the Environmental Defense Fund’s Florida Office, said in a statement.

In November, the White House presented its own countermeasure when it announced targets for states to actively track and set goals for greenhouse gas emissions, albeit without imposing penalties for missed objectives.

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