Where you should live in Florida based on your zodiac sign

Where in Florida You Should Live, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By Tyler Francischine

January 23, 2024

Have you decided to reside in the Sunshine State, or possibly relocate within it, but are unsure which Floridian city or town is the best fit for you? Why not look to the stars for answers?

Since the third millennium BCE, astrologers have tracked the movements of our solar system to uncover truths about human behaviors, characteristics, and motivations. Around 1500 BCE, the Babylonians in south-central Mesopotamia, located in present-day Iraq, devised a system that centered on 12 star signs, which the Greeks later incorporated to create the zodiac most are familiar with today.

Canadian astrologer Chani Nicholas posits that studying our individual astrological charts provides each of us with a road map that we can utilize to fulfill our life’s potential. Matched with the unique traits of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, here are a dozen cities and towns across Florida that just might be perfect for you, according to the stars.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Orlando

Those born under the sign of Aries are known for being impulsive thrill seekers, competitive and fearless leaders who guide others out of their shells. Where else would these rams be better suited than Orlando? Florida’s home for hair-raising theme park adventures and a buzzing metropolis to boot, The City Beautiful contains a plethora of parks from which to choose your own adventure, including Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios Florida, as well as a thriving downtown district replete with options for arts, entertainment, nightlife, and dining.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Sarasota

For a Taurus, there’s no better way to spend their days than by indulging in art and beauty. In Sarasota on Florida’s west coast, luxury is king, art is everywhere, and the living is slow—ideal conditions for a sign ruled by dreamy, romantic planet Venus. Sarasota’s Siesta Beach features stunning quartz crystal sands that maintain comfortable temperatures year-round, making this the perfect location for a lazy stroll. The Ringling is another Taurus-friendly point of interest. The luxurious artistic and cultural compound houses an art museum, a circus museum, a performing arts hall, and a sprawling Mediterranean Revival-style mansion surrounded by lush gardens that invite guests to while the day away in slow contemplation.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21): Tampa

Characterized as both curious and flighty, Geminis crave intellectual engagement and they crave the freedom to change their minds. In a thriving metropolis like Tampa, Geminis will find a variety of museums, galleries, and cultural and historical spaces to discover, including the Tampa Museum of Art, Glazer Children’s Museum, the Henry B. Plant Museum, and Ybor City Museum State Park. When a Gemini decides to switch up the plans last-minute after learning of another place they’d rather visit, Tampa delivers with a variety of options for entertainment, dining, and leisure.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22): Sebastian

Cancers are known to be nurturing homemakers, ever ready to give of themselves to loved ones. That being said, hurt a Cancer and they’ll retreat into their shell, unable to connect with others until they heal. Cancers may feel right at home in Sebastian, a tiny town about 90 minutes southeast of Orlando on the Atlantic coast that’s sparsely populated with Floridians who value quiet, peace, and family-friendly gatherings above all else. Cancers will enjoy multigenerational outings to local seafood restaurants overlooking the Indian River Lagoon like The Crab Stop and Sebastian Saltwater Marina Restaurant, as well as necessary moments of solitude at locals-only spots like Sebastian Stormwater Park and Seagrape Beach.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Miami

Whether they’re displaying their newest bikinis on South Beach or posing for pictures with head-turning contemporary art at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, Leos won’t find a more fitting homebase than the Magic City. Charismatic, magnetic, and sometimes dramatic, Leos will rejoice when they discover there’s no such thing as being “extra” or “too much” in Miami, a city known both for its raucous nightclub scene and, unfortunately, lots of road rage incidents.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): St. Petersburg

With a multitude of shopping, dining, and entertainment options that keep cropping up in every corner, St. Petersburg is often called Florida’s “next best thing.” Known for being analytical and detail-oriented, pragmatic Virgos will surely want to relocate here immediately—before the secret gets out and the rents increase. Virgos should plan ahead to be the first to try new restaurant concepts like Cheeky’s, a seafood grill, raw bar, and fried chicken kitchen coming to St. Pete’s Grand Central District in 2024.

Libra (September 23 – October 23): Fort Lauderdale

As suggested by their corresponding symbol—a set of scales—Libras value balance and harmony above all else. At times diplomatic, at other times indecisive, Libras may flourish in a city like Fort Lauderdale, where they can strike a balance between their fast-paced career and weekends spent enjoying sun and surf. With nearly half of its local businesses involved in international commerce, Fort Lauderdale is an integral part of South Florida’s Internet Coast, a breeding ground of thousands of high-technology firms. When the workweek ends, Libras can balance their efforts by enjoying relaxing days spent near the Atlantic’s gentle tides at the dive- and snorkel-friendly Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Beach or the bustling hub for entertainment Las Olas Beach.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 21): Lake Helen

Mysterious and spiritual, Scorpios have a reputation for being the most private of all the zodiac signs. Scorpios will find mysticism and privacy abound when they reside in Lake Helen, a tiny, central Florida town only 1 mile north of Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. With easy access to Cassadaga’s community of mediums, healers, and spiritual teachers, Scorpios will surely scratch their spiritual itch. When they’re ready to parse through their mystical findings in private, Lake Helen’s sparse population of less than 3,000 residents means Scorpios won’t have to deal with too many nosy neighbors.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Key Largo

Fiery Sagittarians thrive on exploration and wanderlust, so where’s a better home for these free-spirited folks than Key Largo? This island’s prime location between mainland South Florida and the rest of the Florida Keys means day trips are a breeze. Sagittarians can easily travel the 17 miles south to Islamorada, where they have their pick of countless coral reef excursions, or they can traverse 40 miles north to Homestead, where the Southern Glades Wildlife and Environmental Area promises awe-inspiring run-ins with alligators and migrating birds.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Jacksonville

Disciplined and industrious with a penchant for the traditional, Capricorns will find Jacksonville on Florida’s northeastern coastline the perfect place to call home. As the city’s Office of Economic Development notes, Jacksonville’s easy access to three interstate highways, three railways, an international airport, and a deep-water port complete with three marine terminals makes this city a hub for big business. Pair that with the city’s long-standing traditions like catching a Jacksonville Symphony performance at Jacoby Symphony Hall or taking a Sunday stroll through the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, and any Capricorn will find the stability they crave.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Gainesville

Aquarians have a reputation for being quirky and eccentric, progressive and non-traditional. These unique air signs will find they fit right into the growing population of Gainesville, a north central Florida town mostly known as home to the University of Florida. A “blue island” surrounded by conservative districts, Gainesville values progressive politics. Aquarians will want to check out the Civic Media Center’s expansive library representing the non-corporate press. Gainesville also values inclusivity. Aquarians can stop by local spaces that serve as a haven for all identities like the HOW BĀZĀR, a worker-owned creative hub for fashion and performance art, and Superette, a community-focused wine bar and bistro.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): St. Augustine

With its comfortably moderate size and a historic core complete with ghost tours and art galleries alike, St. Augustine may feel like home sweet home for a Pisces, the biggest dreamer and quite possibly the most sensitive member of the zodiac. A Pisces may revel in spending a day strolling through the St. Augustine Historic District, dreaming of what life was like in the 1700s. Perhaps they’d like to take a guided ghost tour to unravel some of the mysteries of America’s oldest continually inhabited city, or maybe they’ll contemplate life’s beauty at one of at least 10 art galleries housed in St. Augustine’s historic core.

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