St. Petersburg’s pie trail: Where to indulge on National Pi Day

St. Petersburg’s Pie Trail: Where To Indulge On National Pi Day

Photo courtesy of Noble Crust via Instagram.

By Good Info News Wire

March 7, 2024

National Pi Day isn’t to be confused with National Pie Day, which falls on Jan. 23 each year. However, both national holidays are perfect excuses to devour your weight in assorted pie slices.

Pi Day sans “e” comes two months after the dessert holiday, landing on March 14 each year. Naturally, it’s named after the mathematical symbol 𝜋, which, when abbreviated, equals 3.14 — hence the holiday falling on March 14.

Ultimately, National Pi Day is more an excuse to eat pie than it is a celebratory holiday, but we’ve never been ones to turn away a fresh-baked slice, so there are no complaints here. The good news is that St. Petersburg residents — or those willing to travel to the coastal city — have many options when it comes to scrumptious bites. You may even want to make a pie trail out of them, taste-testing your way through the Sunshine City one slice at a time.

Here are our top recommendations for your journey.

Noble Crust

We all love Florida’s tropical vibes, especially in late winter and early spring when the temperature outdoors is oh-so-sweet. To celebrate National Pi Day and the seasons’ gales, head to Noble Crust for a slice of its signature Coconut Cream Pie, which a Redditor on r/StPetersburgFl called “the best [they] ever had, hands down.”

While Noble Crust’s coconut filling recipe speaks for itself, the restaurant’s salted caramel topping is what really takes this slice over the top. Most coconut cream pies have simple whipped cream or meringue on top, but the extra depth provided by the salted caramel gives this slice a richer flavor that can’t be achieved otherwise. 

Craft Kafé

Food-centric holidays like Thanksgiving and, yes, even National Pi Day can feel quite exclusionary for gluten-free folks. However, St. Petersburg has the perfect answer for gluten-free pies: Craft Kafé.

Craft’s pie flavors are available based on the seasons, so you may find different pies each time you go. That said, the restaurant’s key lime pie and double chocolate whoopie pies are well worth checking in for. (Yes, we’re counting whoopie pies here, too, even though they’re not the triangle slices most people associate with the word “pie.”) The best part is that gluten-free folks can rest easy, knowing that gluten isn’t allowed in the establishment at all, so there’s no risk of cross-contamination. 

St. Petersburg’s Pie Trail: Where To Indulge On National Pi Day

Photo courtesy of Kraft Cafe via Facebook.

The Pie Factory

Located just outside St. Petersburg proper is The Pie Factory, a bakery that claims it’s “famous for [its] Authentic Key West Key Lime Pie.” With a promise like that, a stop at The Pie Factory feels not only like a good idea but also mandatory. After all, Florida is known for its citrus — it’s the Sunshine State for a reason — so whether you stop here for key lime pie or hit up Craft Kafé for a gluten-free take on the classic, you need at least one lime slice on your itinerary.

Don’t worry if you don’t love key lime pie, though. Putting its three decades of experience to good use, The Pie Factory also serves delectable flavors like Peanuttier Peanut Butter, Chocolate Oreo Bash, and myriad fruit bakes.

Cassis Bakery

Located at Cassis Market, Cassis Barkery might just be the purest embodiment of National Pi Day. One could easily get lost and spend hours in the market, but they could also eat at least three different types of pie in that time: handcrafted pizzas, locally sourced pies, and eye-watering cheesecakes. One Redditor even went as far as to say that Cassis Bakery has “the most amazingly rich chocolate cheesecake,” which was enough to sell us instantly.

For the best savory pie, explore Cassis Market’s signature pizza toppings, which include truffle oil, sunny-side-up eggs, hot honey, and more. Just don’t forget to save room for a slice of cheesecake (and maybe the rest of the cheesecake to take home with you). 

PS: If you need any more convincing to hit up Cassis Bakery, you can even get breakfast pies — aka quiches — that look melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Valhalla Bakery

Vegan babes in St. Petersburg may well be able to find vegan options at other establishments, but Valhalla Bakery has their backs completely. Described as “vegan comfort food done right,” Valhalla Bakery serves up full dairy-free pies in flavors like Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream, and Cherry. Yelp reviewers have also purchased hand pies in mouth-watering flavors like Guava Cream Cheese, though it’s unclear if these are still on the menu or are seasonal.

For a full view of Valhalla’s menu, you may simply need to pop into its St. Petersburg location — it also operates in Orlando — and pick up a fresh pie or hand pie in a seasonal flavor.

Three Birds Tavern

Three Birds Tavern is where you head at the point in your pie trail when you need to sit down and eat dinner but also need to keep the trail alive. Like Cassis Market, you can find savory and sweet pies alike here, but we’re not talking about pizza. No, Three Birds Tavern cooks up a beloved lamb and beef Shepherd’s pie, which features crispy onions on top like your grandma’s green bean casserole. What’s not to love?

Then, follow your entreé up with a slice of the restaurant’s Key Lime Pie or Peanut Butter Pie, the latter of which is capped with peanut butter cups for extra decadence. The best part? Three Birds will let you take your Peanut Butter Pie a la mode for just $2.50 extra, making it one of the only establishments, if not the only one, on our list to offer ice cream with its bakes.

St. Petersburg’s Pie Trail: Where To Indulge On National Pi Day

Photo courtesy of Three Birds Tavern via Instagram.

Trip’s Diner

Trip’s Diner is for lovers of slice-of-life movies that somehow always hinge on small-town diners and the connections made in them. If you find the idea of hitting up the diner before school or work or after a long day for a slice of warm pie and a hot cup of coffee, Trip’s Diner is the all-American experience you’re craving.

This humble restaurant offers just the classics — think apple, blueberry, and, of course, key lime — but they’re done just right. Trip’s is so much of an institution that it operates in both St. Petersburg and Tampa, and the people have spoken: They love it. “But the real attraction, for me at least, is the key lime pie. Without a doubt, the best I have ever eaten,” one Tripadvisor reviewer wrote.

So, whether you’ve been to Trip’s a thousand times or want to experience a coffee and pie moment a la your favorite TV show or film, you need to include this stop on your pie trail.

Funky Sweets

If you’re going to commit to a pie trail, you have to try both classic and innovative bakes, and the latter is exactly what Funky Sweets offers. More specifically, the retro-themed restaurant slices up a variety of cheesecake flavors that keep pie lovers returning, including not only fruit flavors but also seasonal ones like pumpkin.

That’s not where the sweet shop’s true stroke of genius lands, though — Funky Sweets is known for its fried desserts, including fried slices of cheesecake. That’s a bakery mic drop if there ever were one, and it will undoubtedly be the best way to end your trail. (You might not want to start here — fried cheesecake might be too heavy to carry on at full steam.)

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