Charlie Crist: ‘Floridians Are Struggling Across the State, and Ron DeSantis Is to Blame’

Charlie Crist: ‘Floridians Are Struggling Across the State, and Ron DeSantis Is to Blame’

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By Giselle Balido

June 27, 2022

As rent, gas, and food prices continue to soar in the Sunshine State, the Democratic representative blasts the governor for “not doing a thing about it.”

“Florida is facing one of the worst affordability crises our state has ever seen,” US Representative and gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist said in a statement.

But instead of bringing relief to working class Floridians, Gov. Ron DeSantis is compounding the problem.

“Rent and housing are out of control, gas prices continue reaching record highs, and it’s costing Floridians more and more each day to keep food on the table,” added the Democrat.

But according to Crist, instead of taking action to help Floridians, the Republican governor uses his power to engage in irrelevant “culture wars,” such as signing legislation prohibiting discussion of racial history and LGBTQ issues in the classroom, as well as banning books in schools for racial content that could potentially upset some whites.

Siding With Corporations

Meanwhile, Crist points out, housing prices continue to soar, making the dream of home ownership impossible for many, while renters are facing record high rents and increases. Additionally, premiums for property insurance and car insurance are reaching all-time highs across the Sunshine State, as well as electric bills.

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The governor, says Crist, “has even delayed much-needed gas tax relief until the month before the November election” to boost his numbers at the polls, as Floridians continue to suffer at the gas pumps.

At the same time, both wages and the rate of wage growth in Florida are well below the national average.

“At every turn, Gov. DeSantis sides with corporations over consumers, puts profits over people, and donors over Floridians. The result: an unaffordable Florida,” says Crist.

A Plan for All Floridians

To counter what he calls DeSantis’ inaction, the Democratic contender has a program. Among other reforms, the Affordable Florida for All plan aims to:

■ Fully fund the Sadowski Trust Fund for affordable housing and working to repeal the law that permanently cut it in half. For the veteran, young family, or first-generation homebuyer looking to own their own home, the plan will expand and strengthen down payment assistance programs, as well as make rents more accessible for working Floridians.

■ Oppose rate increases by the for-profit utility companies and call on the Public Service Commission to set ambitious energy conservation goals.

■ Work with the Legislature and the insurance commissioner to require large insurers that sell auto insurance to Floridians to also offer homeowners insurance, allowing Floridians to “bundle and save.”

■ Appoint a task force that will recommend comprehensive auto insurance reforms to the governor and the Legislature that will lower rates and protect consumers.

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Crist has also announced that, as governor, he will veto any budget that does not expand Medicaid, something DeSantis has steadfastly refused to do, despite the fact that this could provide coverage for almost one million Floridians.  

“Governor Ron DeSantis hasn’t just ignored these issues; he’s made them worse,” says Crist. “Florida has become unaffordable under this governor.”


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