Over 200,000 People Have Already Voted in Florida Primaries

Florida - Early voting - Primary

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By Mivette Vega

August 15, 2022

Early voting for the primary elections on Aug. 23 began in most Florida counties and will continue this week.

Voter turnout has gotten off to a strong start in Florida during the early voting period of the Aug. 23 primary election.

Early voting began last Saturday in most Florida counties and is now underway statewide. Early voting will continue until Aug. 20. In some counties it will be extended until Aug. 21.

As of Tuesday, 208,380 Floridians had already voted in person, according to data provided by the Division of Elections of the Florida Department of State.

The counties where voters have voted the most are Duval and Miami-Dade with 24,021 and 16,634 respectively.

In addition to the in-person votes 1,135,254 Floridians have voted by mail, according to the data.

To be eligible to vote, you must be registered, and to register you must be a legal citizen of the US, and a legal resident of Florida and the county where you wish to vote.

Voters who want to vote early should present a valid photo identification and a signature identification at the early voting site.

You can vote at any early voting site within the county when the site is open.

Early voting period days and hours of operation vary by county. You can find that information by looking at the website of your county’s Supervisor of Elections.



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