23 crazy new foods to try at the 2024 Florida State Fair

Barbie funnel cake. Image via Florida State Fair.

By Crystal Harlan

February 2, 2024

From pickles covered in Pop Rocks to burgers nestled between Honey Buns, the food at this year’s 2024 Florida State Fair will be anything but boring.

The 2024 Florida State Fair is coming to Tampa this year on Feb. 8 with rides, exhibits, and live musical performances, but let’s be honest: it’s often the new and sometimes wacky foods that steal the spotlight.

And this year promises to be no different with 23 new foods to try. The good news is that the fair will run until Feb. 19, so you don’t have to try them all in one day.

Here are this year’s new foods. Which one will you try?

Temperamental hog funnel cake 
Funnel cake mix combined with cornmeal and BBQ seasoning rub to create a crunchy funnel cake that is topped with pulled pork. You pick the level of temperament (spiciness), then a topping of cream cheese levels out the heat. 

Bang bang tacos
Fried cauliflower, oyster mushroom or vegan shrimp tossed with bang bang sauce on flour or corn tortilla filled with Asian slaw, and topped with vegan cream, cilantro, green onion and chili pepper.

Oreo cookie cinnamon bun
A unique combination that melds the flavors of a classic Oreo cookie with a cinnamon bun.

Bacon waffle cheeseburger
Beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon between two Belgian waffles with pearl sugar baked into the waffle

Chocolate-dipped strawberry iced tea
Freshly brewed iced tea, flavored with strawberry and chocolate, and topped with three chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Pop Rock pickle
Kosher pickle wrapped in a Fruit Roll-Up dipped in chocolate rolled in your choice of Pop Rocks, Fruity Pebbles, or Flaming Hot Cheetos.

BBQ fried burrito
Burrito stuffed with BBQ pulled pork and mac and cheese, then fried.

Banana cream pie funnel cake
Hot funnel cake topped with banana pudding, whipped cream and graham cracker crust.

Campfire dog
An all beef hotdog topped with baked beans and applewood bacon.

Strawberry shortcake kebab 
Mini donuts and fresh strawberry kebabs topped with icing, fresh lemon zest, whip cream, and lemon-infused honey.

Honey bunny curd burger 
A flame-grilled burger covered with a melted blanket of cheese curds nestled between two Honey Buns.

Spicy Korean corndog
Hot dog, dipped in buttermilk batter, layered with cheese, and rolled in crushed spicy hot Cheetos.

Pickle ranch loaded french fries
French fries loaded with cheddar, bacon, and pickle ranch.

Waffle chicken sandwich
Pepper jack cheese, chicken tenders, and two eggs between two waffles.

Lemonade funnel cake
Classic funnel cake with a sweet lemon-flavored topping.

Bacon, caramel, peanut butter apple fries
Apple fries topped with crispy bacon, Ghirardelli caramel, and peanut butter powder. Optional: top it off with ice cream.

Poutine burger
A flame grilled burger with fresh cut fries, warm cheese curds, and gravy served on a bun.

Jalapeño lemonade
Fresh-squeezed lemonade with a surprise hint of jalapeño. Sweet and slightly spicy.

Barbie funnel cake
Funnel cake with powdered sugar, Barbie pink icing and two kinds of sprinkles.

Fried Spam grilled cheese
A twist on the classic, featuring crispy pan-fried spam layered with melted cheese between toasted bread. 

Florida quesadilla
Gator nuggets and shredded cheese cooked to a golden brown and served with salsa and sour cream.

Cheddar pickle crunch pizza
Homemade pizza dough, ranch sauce, mozzarella, loads of pickles, and Goldfish crackers, topped with cheddar ranch dill drizzle.

Banana cream pie nachos 
Flour tortilla chips tossed in cinnamon sugar, topped with banana pudding, whipped cream, graham cracker crumbs, and fresh bananas.

The fair is at 4800 US Highway 301 North, in Tampa. Gates are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday through Sunday.

Visit floridastatefair.com for more information, tickets, and the new foods map.


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