Fall in love again at the 10 most romantic restaurants in Tampa

Fall In Love Again At The 10 Most Romantic Restaurants In Tampa

Photo courtesy of Bern's Steak House via Facebook

By Good Info News Wire

March 13, 2024

Tampa is perhaps the most sensual city in Florida (if only second to Miami, but we won’t tell Miamians if you claim Tampa as no. 1). Naturally, this means it comes with its fair share of hot eateries that will leave you with both a full stomach and a full heart.

Whether you need a romantic spot for a first date, Valentine’s Day, your partner’s birthday, or anything in between, look no further — we’ve curated a go-to guide of the most romantic places to eat in Tampa for you to refer back to time and time again. Plus, it contains varying price ranges and types of cuisine because Tampa’s really just that diverse and capital-”h” hot.

Bern’s Steakhouse

Price: $$$$

Address: 1208 S Howard Ave.

Dreamy dish to try: Mustard Miso Glazed Glacier 51 Sea Bass

Any list of Tampa’s hottest restaurants would be remiss to not include Bern’s Steakhouse. Though expensive — single entreés can easily exceed $50 here — you’re paying for impressive service and quality. But let’s be real: The most romantic aspect of a meal at Bern’s is the dessert, as this restaurant has separate seating for this course called the Harry Waugh Dessert Room.

Luckily, all dinner reservations come with access to the Dessert Room following main courses, but you can also make reservations specifically for the Dessert Room from 6 to 6:45 p.m. every day bar Monday, when the entire restaurant is closed. There’s nothing more romantic than sensual chats over glasses of wine and homemade desserts!


Price: $$$

Address: 2900 Bayport Dr.

Dreamy dish to try: Lobster Gnocchi

Boasting high-quality dishes and a breathtaking atmosphere, Oystercatchers is situated in the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, which comes with the added bonus of being able to take your date back to a hotel room for the evening to relax after a delicious meal.

Now, we know that hotel restaurants can get a bad rap for being overpriced and poor in quality, but Oystercatchers has been a Tampa staple for more than 30 years with local awards, such as Best Brunch in Tampa, backing it up. The restaurant’s name rings true, with Oystercatchers serving the freshest sea fare, and thanks to its sitting waterside, every dining experience here is mesmerizing and romantic.


Price: $$

Address: 323 W Palm Ave.

Dreamy dish to try: Spaghetti al Limone

Fall in love again at the 10 most romantic restaurants in Tampa
Photo courtesy of Rocca Tampa via Instagram.

Rocca is so hot on the Tampa scene that it’s earned a spot in the Michelin Guide. Even still, its prices are reasonable, with many of its dinner entreés landing in the $20 to $30 range.

What makes this eatery even more exciting is its tableside mozzarella-pulling. That’s right: You can watch fresh, mouthwatering-inducing mozzarella prepared specifically for you at your table, which you can then share with your date and create a memory that you’ll cherish for yours to come. Just imagine sharing this mozzarella experience on a first date and then coming back to relive it for, say, your 10th anniversary. Magic.

Madame Fortune Dessert + HiFi Parlour

Price: $$

Address: 1930 E 7th Ave. C

Dreamy dish to try: Jumbo Warm Cinnamon Roll

Don’t be fooled by Madame Fortune Dessert + HiFi Parlour’s name — this establishment serves much more than dessert. For instance, its starters range from the $14 Sweet Potato Cornbread to the $125 Caribbean Seafood Tower, but its desserts are what will truly captivate you and your date. The Jumbo Warm Cinnamon Roll is draped in a bourbon caramel, and what could be more seductive than that?

Carrying those vibes into the environment, Madame Fortune’s style can best be described as speakeasy-chic, and without knowing its address, you might otherwise miss it, as it’s nestled in Roast on 7th, a joint deli-bakery.

Oak & Ola

Price: $$

Address: 1910 N Ola Ave.

Dreamy dish to try: Carrots & Burrata

Fall in love again at the 10 most romantic restaurants in Tampa
Photo courtesy of Oak & Ola via Instagram.

Oak & Ola is one of the most traditional date night spots on our list, and you don’t have to worry about missing it. It’s literally situated where its titular streets meet each other, and just like these two streets birthed a stunning establishment serving high-quality dishes, your date night here could give way for a long-lasting relationship to either form or reaffirm itself. After all, this restaurant was born from close bonds, as it was founded by friends who “came together through [their] love of food, beverage & community,” per the restaurant’s About page.

As any traditional spot should, Oak & Ola also boasts exceptional cocktails, so we’ll cheers to that!

Market at EDITION

Price: $$

Address: 500 Channelside Dr.

Dreamy dish to try: Hot Honey Pizza

Market at EDITION is another excellent option for those looking to book a hotel room for an anniversary or date night, as this eatery is located inside the Tampa EDITION Hotel.

This restaurant offers many drinks, breakfast meals, and, of course, divine-sounding dinner entreés. In this case, our standout dish for date nights is the Hot Honey Pizza for two reasons: Sharing something is inherently sexy, and hot honey, with its sticky sweetness and kick, is the ultimate sensual food. We’re just lucky to live in a time when it’s so popular on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus alike. Plus, Market has outdoor dining, so feel free to take in some sunshine and sea breeze while sharing bites with your boo.

Besito Mexican Restaurant

Price: $$

Address: 205 Westshore Plaza

Dreamy dish to try: Pastel de Chocolate

Just like how we’d have been remiss to not include Bern’s Steakhouse, we couldn’t forget to include at least one phenomenal Mexican spot on our list. Tampa serves seriously sensational Mexican food, but Besito has ultimately stolen our hearts thanks to its familiar-meets-upscale approach, expansive alcohol options, and accolades, which include being named Best Mexican Restaurant by local outlets.

You deserve only the best on a romantic night out, which also means indulging in Besito’s Pastel de Chocolate after your entreé. The pomegranate sauce is perfectly punchy and exactly the type of dessert you want to split with your partner before continuing your date night.

On Swann

Price: $$$

Address: 1501 W Swann Ave.

Dreamy dish to try: Squash Ravioli

Fall in love again at the 10 most romantic restaurants in Tampa
Photo courtesy of On Swann via Facebook.

Like Oak & Ola, On Swann is named after its street, but unlike other restaurants on our list, On Swann is open-concept, allowing date-goers to watch the chefs work their magic in the kitchen.

Because of this, On Swann’s environment is enchanting, and its new-American menu only adds to the magic. Its Squash Ravioli, for instance, is served with candied pecans, which add sweetness, decadent crunch, and a special flair that makes the dish feel particularly date-worthy. You could even try meeting someone here, as On Swann shakes up a cocktail aptly called Orange You Single?

Noble Rice

Price: $$

Address: 615 Channelside Dr. Suite 112

Dreamy dish to try: Mango Jack

Featured in the Michelin Guide, Noble Rice is beloved in Tampa, with some going as far as to call it Tampa’s best sushi spot. One Redditor even said Noble Rice has “some of the best sushi [they] have ever had.” And the restaurant’s menu makes it clear to see why. Noble Rice’s roll offerings include combinations like scallop, shiso, and lemon; shrimp chip, smoked shoyu, and chives; and fatty tuna, black garlic shoyu, tobanjan kewpie, and scallion. If your mouth started watering while reading those roll descriptions, you’re not alone.

As with most sushi places, it’s easy to order vegetarian or vegan rolls and dishes at Noble Rice, so it’s a great go-to date spot for anyone and everyone.

Beach Bistro

Price: $$$$

Address: 6600 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach

Dreamy dish to try: Maple Leaf Farms Duckling Confit

Last but absolutely not least is Beach Bistro, which is actually on Anna Maria Island, just outside of Tampa. Still, it’s incredibly close to Tampa, and if you’re a local, you’re most likely familiar with the area and down to drive a few extra miles for a swoon-worthy date night. And that’s just what you’ll get at Beach Bistro, which is perhaps the fanciest location on this list.

Here, you’re treated to a multi-course meal, including dishes from duckling confit and bouillabaisse to passionfruit panna cotta and chocolate truffle terrine. Just note that Beach Bistro requests reservations if you’re bringing more than 4 people, but for sensual date nights, you’re less likely to encounter this problem.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Fall in love again at the 10 most romantic restaurants in TampaFall in love again at the 10 most romantic restaurants in Tampa




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