Video: We Do Not Want Government Interference in Our Healthcare

By Floricua Staff

May 14, 2024

Fentrice Driskell, the Democratic Minority Leader in Florida’s state House, called on voters this week to let their protest be heard “from Jacksonville to Mar-a-Lago” and take back their rights in November. The audience enthusiastically echoed her words. Florida voters will have the chance to vote in November on Amendment 4, a citizen ballot initiative that would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. The amendment would protect abortion rights up to viability, which is generally understood to mean when a baby can survive outside the womb, which the medical community puts at about 24 weeks. Florida’s six-week abortion ban went into effect on May 1 and is now one of 17 states where abortion is completely banned or illegal after six weeks. Reproductive rights advocates say the ban will impact mainly low-income women, including women of color. 🖊️: @gcbalido 📸: N/A

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