Video: Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban is a ‘Public Health Crisis’

By Floricua Staff

May 31, 2024

Florida is now one of 17 states where abortion is completely banned or illegal after six weeks, a time when most women don’t even know they are pregnant. The new abortion ban that became law May 1 will impact mainly low-income women, including women of color, Charo Valero, from the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, told Floricua. That is because Florida is home to 1.4 million Latinas of reproductive age, and of this population, 558,000 are economically insecure. But Valero sees the new law in broader terms. Politicians are interfering with healthcare decisions that belong to a woman and her doctor, Valero said. She thinks this meddling will have far reaching effects that create a public health crisis affecting not just pregnant women, but potentially the healthcare of all women across the state. 🖊️: @gcbalido 📸: N/A

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