Bandeja Boricua: 6 places to buy the festive serving trays online

Bandeja Boricua: 6 places to buy the festive serving trays online

Photo courtesy of kycustomizations on Etsy.

By Cynthia De Saint

June 14, 2024

Fashioned in the shape of the Island of Enchantment, this serving tray is a staple in many Puerto Rican homes. Here’s where you can get your very own.

You’ve probably heard the famous saying: “¡Boricua hasta en la luna!”, which simply means “I’m Boricua, even on the moon!” 

That’s because Puerto Ricans are not only proud of their island, they are also enamored of its beauty. And with its wealth of lush forests, misty mountains, and stunning waterfalls — there are even magical bioluminescent bays! — it’s easy to see why. 

Boricuas even love the shape of Puerto Rico, the smallest island among those that make up the Greater Antilles. It stretches over nearly 100 miles and is just 35 miles wide. But despite its small size, la Isla del Encanto looms large in the heart of every Puerto Rican.

So it is no wonder that when it comes to celebrating their love for la islita, they want to surround themselves with the objects that remind them of home. And this is especially true for those who live on the US mainland, like New York or Florida. 

This is why every Puerto Rican souvenir online store is chock full of items — from tumblers and dominoes stamped with the Puerto Rican flag, to charm bracelets, iron-on patches, t-shirts, keychains, beer bottle openers, and even baseballs — that proclaim Puerto Rican pride. 

And then there is the bandeja Boricua. 

What is a bandeja Boricua?

Fashioned in the shape of the island, it is a food tray — usually divided into two sections — that can be used to serve anything from tostones to a selection of dulces (sweets) from the island. 

Why is this serving tray so dear to Boricuas? The very obvious reason is that Puerto Ricans are a very sociable people. As in VERY sociable. So when family or friends get together, the bandejas — filled to the brim with delicious dishes from la cocina criolla — will be passed around. And what better way to celebrate love of country than with its delicious food, beautifully presented? 

For this reason, here are some great online places to purchase your very own bandeja Boricua online. 


The online store focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies has a good selection of bandeja Boricua, including bandejas that are microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as some that are handmade. 

Here’s one great option, but you can peruse all products HERE

Puerto Rican Pride

The name says it all, doesn’t it? This online store not only sells the bandeja, but everything from tostoneras to spoon holders and chef’s aprons that shout orgullo puertorriqueño. 

Visit HERE

AW 99

Yes, you can find the bandeja Boricua here, but if you’re feeling especially nostalgic for the flavors and aromas of the island, this online store also has many items to fill that bandeja with deliciousness, from polvorones to mallorcas with guava and cheese!

Visit HERE.

Pepe Ganga Online

This dishwasher and microwave safe tray has a clear lid in the shape of the island, and it’s billed as “the best gift for family, all your ‘diaspora’ friends and for your relatives in Puerto Rico.”

Visit HERE.

Tu Gustito Boricua

Here you can also find the cucas blandas and pan sobao to fill up your bandeja!

Visit HERE.

Coqui Markets

Of course, if you love Puerto Rico, you love the coqui, that tiny frog indigenous to the island. So of course Coqui Markets carries the bandeja Boricuas for all your party needs!

Visit HERE.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Bandeja Boricua: 6 places to buy the festive serving trays onlineBandeja Boricua: 6 places to buy the festive serving trays online


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