DeSantis Vetoes Redistricting Maps


Image via AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell/file

By Mivette Vega

March 29, 2022

Florida’s governor called a special session of the state Legislature to redo the maps.

Gov. Ron DeSantis rejected the maps the Florida Legislature approved in March during its regular session.

The governor announced on Tuesday that he vetoed the redistricting maps and will call for a special session of the state Legislature in April to redraw the maps.

DeSantis argued the maps complied with Florida’s constitution but ran afoul of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

On March 4, the Florida House passed two redistricting maps, including a backup map.

De Santis submitted his own map for consideration prior to the Legislature’s approval of its maps. The map he proposed completely changes the shape of District 5 and moves it slightly to the south, changes Florida’s 10th Congressional district, and greatly reduces the voting power of Black and Latino residents.

According to Ellen Freidin, president of Fair Districts Now, the advocacy organization monitoring the Fair Districts amendments, the map “appears to have been drawn intentionally to favor Republicans.”

DeSantis’ move is unprecedented in the state.




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