Biden Visits Florida, Highlights Republican Threats to Social Security and Medicare

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By Associated Press

November 1, 2022

The president will focus on Sen. Rick Scott’s proposal to sunset Medicare and Social Security after five years, and other GOP goals that affect older Americans.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s trip to Florida Tuesday aims to underline the contrast between the Democratic and Republican agendas, blasting the GOP over proposals to undo prescription drug price caps and change Social Security and Medicare.

The president’s agenda will include taxpayer-funded remarks in Hallandale Beach, where the White House said he would highlight Republicans’ “very different vision” for America. Also on Biden’s schedule are a fundraiser for Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and a rally for the state’s Democratic Party, including Senate candidate Val Demings.

The visit to Florida, where Democrats are trailing in both the Senate and the gubernatorial races, may appear counterintuitive just one week before polls close in the midterm elections when so many other races are tighter. Yet Biden allies say it exemplifies the president’s efforts to go where he can be helpful — Florida Democrats are hoping Biden can help boost base turnout — but also to drive a message that vulnerable Democrats can amplify nationwide.

Biden is set to campaign in New Mexico on Thursday, California on Friday and Pennsylvania on Saturday.

The president has seized on Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s February proposal to sunset all federal legislation after five years, which the president says would require Congress to reauthorize Medicare and Social Security, as emblematic of what he’s termed the “ultra-MAGA” agenda Democrats are running against.

Besides Scott’s plan, the White House said Biden would emphasize other GOP proposals that affect older Americans, including raising the retirement age and repealing Medicare’s ability to negotiate drug prices with manufacturers and the $2,000-a-year cap on out-of-pocket drug costs included in Democrats’ August health care and climate law.




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