Bad Bunny Shares a Kiss With Gael García Bernal in the Lucha Libre Biopic ‘Cassandro’

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By Crystal Harlan

August 23, 2023

While it may be the Boricua reggaetonero’s first kiss on the silver screen, it’s not his first foray into acting or wrestling.

Bad Bunny’s acting career continues to blossom with his latest role in the film “Cassandro,” starring Gael García Bernal.

“Cassandro” is a biopic based on the life of a gay Mexican-American professional lucha libre wrestler named Saúl Armendáriz, played by García Bernal. Armendáriz was not just any luchador but an éxotico, which means he wrestled in drag. The film highlights his fight for acceptance and prominence amidst homophobia.

The Boricua reggaetonero plays Felipe, who from the recently released trailer appears to be a love interest of Armendáriz.

In a recent interview with TIME Magazine, Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, said that this was his first kiss on the silver screen. “My first kiss for a movie and it was with a man,” he said, laughing. “That’s the penalty I get for being with so many women during my life.”

But he added that filming the scene didn’t feel awkward. “If you’re acting, you’re being someone you’re not. So when they asked me for that, I said, ‘Yes, I’m here for whatever you want.’ I think it was very cool; I didn’t feel uncomfortable.”

While this may be Benito’s first movie kiss, it’s not his role in a movie. In 2022, he appeared in “Bullet Train” starring Brad Pitt, and in 2021, he was in the television series “Narcos: Mexico.”  He will appear in the forthcoming Marvel movie “El Muerto,” which is currently in production.

It also isn’t his first foray into the world of wrestling.  He has already been in a few WWE matches. Just last May he won in the pay-per-view street fight Backlash against Damian Priest. 

“Cassandro,” which premiered to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, will open in theaters on Sept. 15, and stream on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 22.

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