Video: ‘Very Chilling’: FL Democrat Tom. Keen on DeSantis’ Pending 6-Week Abortion Ban

By Floricua Staff

February 6, 2024

If the Florida Supreme Court ultimately approves Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 15-week abortion ban, a six-week ban will go into effect 30 days later. This would essentially ban most abortions across the state, as many women aren’t aware they’re pregnant by six weeks. Florida Democratic Representative Tom Keen calls the situation “very chilling.” “Women’s health care will be at risk,” Keen told Floricua. In fact, according to Alejandra Rondon, Latinx constituency manager at Florida Rising, “marginalized women will be most affected, and any woman that suffers an unfortunate medical situation or miscarriage or any other number of medical conditions that could put their life at risk or the baby’s life at risk.” Rep. Keen agrees. “If the six-week ban goes into effect, it will have a huge negative impact,” he said. “I ran on reproductive freedom because I believe women’s health care should be a woman’s decision.” 🖊️: @gcbalido 📸: N/A

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