Video: Lucía Báez-Geller explica por qué se postula contra María Elvira Salazar en Noviembre

By Floricua Staff

March 25, 2024

“South Floridians can’t trust anything María Elvira Salazar says,” Lucia Báez-Geller says of the Republican incumbent she hopes to unseat in November in the race for Florida’s 27th Congressional district. Báez-Geller, a former teacher and Miami-Dade County School Board member since 2020, called out Salazar for repeatedly taking credit for projects she voted against. “This time it’s a children’s hospital. Before it was funding for the Miami International Airport, small businesses in Miami, and the new South Florida Climate Resilience Tech Hub. Enough is enough,” the Miami native born to a Colombian mother and a Cuban father said in a written statement. Báez-Geller says she is concerned about the spiking price of essentials, such as groceries, and the prohibitive cost of housing and property insurance. As a long-time educator, she is also worried about children’s progress in the classroom being obstructed by Gov. DeSantis’ “culture wars” and far-right politicians. “Rather than work to find common-sense solutions to the problems we face, my opponent has endorsed extremists in her party to crack down on our freedoms and sow chaos and disorder, leaving Florida behind,” she added. “I’m running for Congress to advocate for South Florida and fight for our best interests.” 🖊️: @gcbalido 📸: N/A

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