4 places to enjoy vegan and vegetarian Puerto Rican food in Orlando

Four Places To Enjoy Vegan & Vegetarian Puerto Rican Food In Orlando

Photo courtesy of House of Mofos via Instagram.

By Cynthia De Saint, Good Info News Wire

March 27, 2024

Orlando is home to a thriving Boricua community, and as we all know, Puerto Ricans love la buena mesa. Therefore, there are lots and lots of great Puerto Rican restaurants in the Orlando area. But where can a vegan or vegetarian Boricua go to enjoy the delicious taste of the island?

¡Buenas noticias! We have found four great places to enjoy vegan/vegetarian food con el sabor de la isla. Some are exclusively vegan or vegetarian, while others offer a variety of dishes for non-meat eaters.

So whether you are a confirmed lover of vegetarian/plant-based foods, or are simply veg-curious, here are four places where you can indulge in your favorite Boricua food. 

The Earthy Kitchen

You probably know the story by heart: You love pastelón, mofongo, and empanadas, but for a long time you haven’t been able to enjoy many of the island’s most delicious dishes because they are meat-based. 

Well, welcome to this small but enormously charming restaurant where you can enjoy a meatless pernil sandwich, a spot-on pastelón, delicious alcapurrias, and mofongo balls, among other Boricua staples. 

At The Earthy Kitchen, they refuse to compromise on quality, so they use only the best seasonal, local ingredients. Together with the charming staff and relaxed ambiance, this little nook in Orlando is a great place to introduce your non-vegan friends to the delights of a plant-based menu. And they not only deliver with a minimum order of $15 but can cater your next event as well. 

For more information visit HERE

Four Places To Enjoy Vegan & Vegetarian Puerto Rican Food In Orlando

Photo courtesy of The Earthy Kitchen via Facebook.

The Kind Cleaver

The recipient of the Best Vegan/Vegetarian 2024 Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards and described as a “gem” by its critic, this vegan deli owned by Puerto Rican-Jewish-Egyptian Justin Rodríguez serves the most amazing plant-based cold cuts. Sandwiches include The Plunge, The Classic, and The Devil’s Advocate. The Calle Ocho, their take on the famous pork-based Cuban sandwich on a Cuban roll, is one of the most popular items on their very creative menu that includes brunch half-sandwiches like the Morning Glory (egg, ham cheese, spiced maple, and mayo ketchup), and sides like potato salad and quinoa salad. 

If you enjoy these hearty deli specialties, there is even better news. You can buy the delicious plant-based “meat” slices to make your own sandwiches at home.

The place is beautifully decorated with charming knick-knacks that make it cozy, welcoming, and warm, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. 

For more information visit HERE

House of Mofos

Serving freshly prepared Puerto Rican street food & unique plant-based items, this Orlando-based pop-up is sure to delight vegans and vegetarians looking for the taste of home. 

The Latina-created and family-operated Puerto Rican pop-up House of Mofos has been a mainstay of Orlando vegan catering and food since 2020. Be aware, however, that you must check House of Mofos’ social pages to see where it will pop up next. 

But a visit is de rigor lovers of plant-based delights like their for Mofongo Bowl and their tostones loaded with pineapple, mango, jalapeño, cilantro, and mango habanero hot sauce. Or you can enjoy a plant-based “churrasco” steak topped with homemade chimichurri in a hand-crafted mofongo bowl. 

For those with a sweet tooth, House of Mofos’ sister brand, Sweet Mofos, specializes in plant-based takes on Latin classics including Tres Leches Cakes and “Guava Lava” Cookies.

For more information visit HERE

Pal Campo

The truth is that you can’t always enjoy a good vegan or vegetarian meal when you go out to eat, especially when you are with family or friends who don’t share your passion for plant-based foods. 

But that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a side salad when you go out to enjoy a meal with non-vegetarians.

With a name that literally translates as “to the countryside,” this Boricua restaurant in Orlando (and Tampa) has a limited, but delicious menu for vegetarians (not vegans) that allows you to enjoy a riquísimo mofongo with vegetables, a plate of tostones with vegetables, or a dish of fried green plantains with, you guessed it, vegetables, just the way your Boricua grandma prepared them back home. 

Winner of the Orlando Sun Sentinel Foodie Awards for Best Puerto Rican Restaurant in Central Florida from 2017 to 2023 and Best Puerto Rican Restaurant in Orlando by Big 7 Travel Magazine, this place is the perfect combination of a traditional and a modern restaurant that caters to all tastes. 

For more information visit HERE

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.4 places to enjoy vegan and vegetarian Puerto Rican food in Orlando4 places to enjoy vegan and vegetarian Puerto Rican food in Orlando





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