Florida Rep. Kathy Castor Has a Plan for Climate Action Under Biden


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By Araceli Cruz

January 15, 2021

“Our ‘Solving the Climate Crisis’ action plan is the roadmap for congressional action that can get us to 100% clean energy as soon as possible.”

With the Trump administration doing away with several environmental restrictions, the climate crisis is still very much with us. Earth’s rising fever hit or neared record hot temperatures in 2020, global weather groups reported Thursday. So how will the administration of President-elect Joe Biden address these critical concerns?

On Jan. 13, Florida Rep. Kathy Castor spoke about how she would address climate change under America’s new leadership. As the chair of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Castor outlined a path forward for climate action under the Biden administration and a new Democrat majority Congress during a virtual town hall meeting with more than 30 advocacy organizations. 

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“As we kick off a brand-new session of Congress, our Select Committee is focused on building a clean energy future that can put Americans back to work, as we also protect public health and ensure justice for Black, Brown, and tribal communities,” Castor said. “Our ‘Solving the Climate Crisis’ action plan is the roadmap for congressional action that can get us to 100% clean energy as soon as possible. This year, with President-elect Joe Biden in the White House and new allies in the Senate, we are more hopeful than ever that we can turn our policy recommendations into lasting solutions for American families.”

Castor previewed the Select Committee’s plan for 2021, saying we need to address everything from environmental justice to leveraging clean energy solutions to cutting the carbon pollution that is driving climate change, while doing so smartly and equitably.

Biden has said that addressing climate change in America is a top priority. According to his Build Back Better plan, he supports the Green New Deal and says it is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges.

Environmental activists praised Biden for his nomination of Congress member Deb Haaland for Secretary of Interior to join his climate team. The Biden and Harris administration aims to make historic investments in environmental justice to advance public health and economic opportunity.

In yesterday’s panel, Castor said she wants the Biden administration and Congressional leaders to help “swiftly return” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to its science-based mission of protecting public health and the environment.

She also said that she would work closely with the Biden administration and Congress to protect the health of Americans and the environment, and also enhance job creation and the economy, and correct inequities linked to environmental injustices and health disparities.

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“Latinx voters have spoken: Elected officials must take immediate action on climate issues that directly affect the health of Latinx families,” said Jennifer Torres, Poder Latinx Environmental Organizer during the panel. “The fundamental truth is that climate change disproportionately hurts our neighborhoods. The Latinx community in Florida and across the nation tend to live in polluted areas, forced to breathe polluted, unhealthy air and are constantly under the threat of natural disasters that are detrimental to our health. Now that we have a climate-conscious administration, immediate action is required on climate issues affecting vulnerable communities such as ours.”

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