Video: The Baltimore bridge collapse is a stark reminder of a past bridge disaster in Florida

By Floricua Staff

April 2, 2024

The Baltimore bridge disaster reminds us of a bridge disaster that happened in May 1980 on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa. May 9, 1980: The 609-foot freighter Summit Venture was navigating through the narrow, winding shipping channel of Florida’s Tampa Bay when a sudden, blinding squall knocked out the ship’s radar. The ship sheared off a support of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, dropping a 1,400-foot section of concrete roadway during the morning rush hour. Seven vehicles, including a bus with 26 aboard, fell 150 feet into the water. Thirty-five people died. CREDIT: ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, THE SUN HERALD, WFLA News Channel 8

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